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Walmart introduces 3D virtual online shopping

The retailer will allow customers to buy an entire room of products in July.

The dots in Walmart's 3D virtual apartment highlight items you can buy.

Walmart added a 3D virtual shopping tour to its website Wednesday, giving customers the chance to explore a nonexistent apartment filled with products they can buy.

The tour showcases about 70 items from various brands and Walmart's own offerings. Customers can click their way around the one-bedroom apartment and click on products to buy them from the site.

The items for sale seem focused on furniture and other basic home furnishings -- a Microsoft Xbox One and Samsung fridge are visible, but not currently clickable.

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The company will go to the next level in July, when it adds a Buy the Room feature that will allow customers to add multiple items to their cart and purchase a whole curated look.

Walmart may also be be looking to streamline its online shopping experience with checkout-free retail, as it reportedly discussed collaborating with Microsoft on the tech earlier this month.

It also launched a $50-per-month personal shopper service, Jetblack, in May and massively expanded its online grocery service in March.

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