Set TV, the streaming service sued by Netflix, Amazon, is 'unavailable'

The affordable streaming service is down, but we don't yet know why.

Marrian Zhou Staff Reporter
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Marrian Zhou

Set TV is currently unavailable.

Carrie Mihalcik

Streaming service Set TV is down, though it's not clear why.

A message on the Set TV site says, "Thank you for visiting SET TV. SET TV service is currently unavailable." The company also tweeted out a similar message Thursday evening.

The site could be down due to maintenance or a technical problem, but some customers have guessed on Twitter that the sudden unavailability is due to a copyright lawsuit filed against Set TV back in April.

The company didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Set TV offers a buffet of movies and live TV channels for $20 a month. In April, the company was sued by numerous big names in the entertainment industry -- including Netflix , Sony Pictures, Disney, Universal and more -- that said it was offering content illegally.

The companies stated in the complaint, "the service provides hallmarks of using authorized streaming services -- a user-friendly interface and reliable access to popular content -- but with a notable exception: the customers only pay money to Defendants, not to Plaintiffs and other content creators."

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