Google takes steps to crush tech support scams

The search giant spotted increasing numbers of misleading ads.

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Google is cracking down on tech support ad scams.

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Google is planning to restrict ads for third-party tech support services following an increase in "misleading" experiences.

The search company will limit such ads globally while it prepares a verification program to make sure only "legitimate providers" can offer their services, according to a weekend blog post.

"For many years, we've consulted and worked with law enforcement and government agencies to address abuse in this area," wrote David Graff, the company's director of global product policy.

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"As the fraudulent activity takes place off our platform, it's increasingly difficult to separate the bad actors from the legitimate providers."

He acknowledges that this step won't stamp out all the fraudsters, but says it'll make things tougher for them.

Google previously cracked down on fraud on its shopping site after one of its executives was reportedly scammed while purchasing a Bluetooth headset. It's also taken action against mobsters using its name to scam people.

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