Snap launches new frames for Spectacles 2, ups the price to $200

The new sunglasses also come with a black protective case instead of the bright yellow charging case.

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Snap Spectacles 2, Nico and Veronica

Nico and Veronica Spectacles. 


Snap's photo-taking sunglasses are getting a makeover.

On Wednesday, Snap, the parent company of app Snapchat , launched two new styles of Spectacles 2 called Nico and Veronica. They have the same functions as the original Spectacles 2, but look more like traditional sunglasses and cost $200, a $50 price increase.

Spectacles 2 were unveiled in April and introduced new features including water resistance and the ability to take photos instead of just video. At $150 a pair, they can take up to 70 videos or hundreds of photos on a single charge and transfer them onto your phone wirelessly.

Spectacles 2 Veronica

Veronica, the charging cable and the protective case.

Cully Wright/Snap

For $50 more, Nico and Veronica offer the same features but come with polarized black lenses and black frames. They also have black protective cases instead of the bright yellow charging case, meaning you'll only be able to power them with the included charging cable.

Unlike with the original Spectacles, you won't have to queue up at a vending machine to snag a pair. They're available online today in initial limited quantities, and will also be coming to Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom stores in the US, as well as some European retailers, in the coming months. 

A Snap spokeswoman said that users are capturing more clips with Spectacles 2 than they were with the first version, an increase of 40 percent.

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It was reported in March that Snap was working on new versions of Spectacles. It was rumored the new models could have dual cameras, GPS and other high-end features, but those aren't included in Nico and Veronica.

Snap also wrote in its blog post that it will roll out a new Snapchat feature that automatically makes your Spectacles Snaps into a single Highlight story.

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