E-vone smart shoes step up at CES 2018

French company E-vone showcased a GPS-enabled smart shoe that features fall detection and alerts.

Molly Price Former Editor

French company E-Vone displays a smart safety shoe at CES. 

Molly Price/CNET

Wearable tech is growing like crazy, and French company E-vone is joining the rat race with a smart shoe that features fall detection designed for older adults, workers and travelers.

Available in several sneaker, hiking boot and work boot variations, E-vone uses a device in the sole of the shoe to detect falling or abnormal movement. Alert messages are then automatically sent to your provided emergency contact or emergency services. 

The shoe will include GSM for communicating in at least 120 countries, a GPS or LoRA antenna for locating as well as a gyroscope and accelerometer for movement sensing. E-vone doesn't have a release date or pricing yet, so stay tuned to see if these smart safety shoes step into the marketplace. 

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