Samsung Galaxy Ring Could Cost $350, Plus a Subscription Fee, Report Says

The unconfirmed price is in line with the market-leading Oura Ring.

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Don Reisinger
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No one expected the Samsung Galaxy Ring to be cheap.

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Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Ring wearable is still months from launch, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from churning. And now, a new report suggests it could be a sizable investment, albeit in line with its competition.

The Korean company plans to price the Galaxy Ring between $300 and $350, according to leaker Yogesh Brar. Brar, who has had accurate Samsung device predictions in the past, didn't reveal his sources, but did say in an interview with Android Authority on Wednesday that Samsung plans to charge a monthly subscription fee of "under $10" to use its upcoming wearable.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a CNET request for comment.

Samsung debuted the Galaxy Ring in February on the sidelines of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company said the device will have a host of sensors, allowing users to track their heart rate, movement and sleep patterns, among other features. The ring will also give users a "vitality score" that will automatically analyze their mental and physical health to give them a sense of their overall state in any given moment.

The Galaxy Ring would be the first ring from Samsung, which is trying to expand its presence in the wearables market beyond its existing slate of smartwatches. When the device hits store shelves, it'll compete with the Oura Ring, the current leader in health-tracking rings.

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At a price tag of $300 to $350, the Galaxy Ring would be competitive with both Oura Ring options. The Oura Ring Heritage starts at $299, while the Oura Ring Horizon, which has a slightly different design, starts at $349. The Oura Ring's prices go up based on the material you choose and top out at $549 for a rose gold Oura Ring Horizon.

Brar didn't say whether Samsung would offer different metal options that would increase the Galaxy Ring's price. 

The subscription cost remains unclear. "Under $10" is decidedly vague. Oura charges $6 for its own subscription.

Samsung hasn't said when it'll announce more Galaxy Ring details, but earlier reports have suggested that ring pricing and availability could be made public at a Galaxy Unpacked event in July.