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Rumored Pixel Watch Appears on Wrist in Leaked Photos

Apparently it's quite comfortable.

Device that's alleged to be a Google Pixel Watch
The clock is counting down to Google I/O in May, when we might get an official reveal of the Pixel Watch. 
Android Central

Photos from a Reddit leaker appear to show the long-rumored Google Pixel Watch strapped to a wrist. Reddit user u/tagtech414, who says they're the one who previously submitted alleged images of the watch to Android Central after finding it left in a restaurant, posted a photo on Tuesday depicting them wearing it.

The user wrote that the band is made of soft silicone, and called it the most comfortable watch they've ever worn.

"Well done Google, well done! (please don't sue me)," they wrote.

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Although Google makes software for Android smartwatches and owns Fitbit, this would be the company's first Google Pixel-branded watch. Rumors point to a launch date at next month's Google I/O or later in the fall. 

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.