Leaked Pixel Watch Images Appear to Show Google's New Smartwatch

The images line up with previous rumors about the Pixel Watch.

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Did anyone drop a Google Pixel Watch? 

Android Central

After many months of speculation about its potential release, design and features, we may have gotten a good look at the rumored Google Pixel Watch. On Monday, Android Central published nine photos of what seems to be Google's upcoming smartwatch. 

While not confirmed until Google officially announces the Pixel Watch, the leaked images line up with previous reports, including rumors about the minimalist design, the crown and the potential hidden button. CNET's been following the rumors surrounding the smartwatch, compiling a full list of clues you can find here

The images were reportedly taken and leaked under somewhat strange circumstances: Someone allegedly found the smartwatch at a restaurant in the US. The finder, who asked to remain anonymous, didn't share the location with Android Central. 

The person who is allegedly in possession of the watch posted more details to an Ask Me Anything (AMA) post on Reddit under the username u/tagtech414. After posting a photo to confirm they indeed have the watch, the details began to unfold: A co-worker found the watch at the restaurant where they work and kept it "a few weeks" in case the owners came to pick up the watch. After a few weeks with no one claiming the watch, u/tagtech414 took it to investigate. 


A white Google logo appeared when the source tried turning it on. 

Android Central

Here's what u/tagtech414 posted about the watch: 

  • The source wasn't able to see the user interface but did see a white Google logo appear when attempting to turn it on.
  • A physical crown sits between two buttons on the side.
  • The bezel is actually quite large.
  • The watch face is about 1.5 inches in diameter and half an inch thick.
  • The watch's band is a proprietary Google band, looking similar to the bendable Apple Watch Sport bands.
  • The watch comes in a rumored black color.
  • The bottom seems to be coated in glass like the Apple Watch. 

The leaked straps in blue. 

Android Central

The source didn't find a charger and the battery is now dead, so we won't have any more details on what the watch can do until the release, which could be announced or at least teased during Google I/O in May. A previous report from Insider stated the device may debut in the spring, but that's subject to change based on how internal testing goes.

While we still don't know when it will be launched, how much it will cost or the regions in which Google plans to release the watch, it's likely the watch will come this spring or fall and will run on the new Wear OS software. 

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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