Apple is granted a patent for a round Apple Watch

It doesn't seem to be a discarded patent, either.

The rectangular Apple Watch (right) compared to the round Samsung Gear Sport (left).
César Salza / CNET

A round Apple Watch could be a possibility. Apple was granted a patent for a round display that is likely intended for the Apple wearable.

The design of the Apple Watch has hardly changed since it first launched in 2015, with each new generation keeping the rectangular body and display. But as Patently Apple points out, it's worth noting that this patent was initially filed after the original Apple Watch released, so it's not just a patent for an Apple product that never came to be. It's possible that Apple wanted to secure this patent as an alternative design, just in case it planned on making a round Apple Watch.

Apple included this image in the patent.


The patent includes some images of what the circular display could look like. These images seem to depict a smartwatch, with straps and everything.

Even though Apple was granted the patent, it doesn't guarantee that Apple will use the design. But Apple does have the design in its repertoire.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

[Via Patently Apple]