Nintendo's really getting into VR with a Labo kit for Switch

The fourth cardboard Labo kit coming April 12 includes cardboard VR goggles.

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Scott Stein

Nintendo's got a VR kit now.


The last time Nintendo got close to VR was with the Virtual Boy back in 1995. Now, the Nintendo Switch is really, truly going to be a VR platform... with a pair of cardboard goggles, as part of a Nintendo Labo kit.

Nintendo just announced the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit, the company's latest entry into its ongoing Labo series of foldable cardboard kits for Nintendo Switch. The new kit, arriving April 12, is being sold in several packs this time: an $80 all-in kit with a variety of unusual add-ons, plus VR goggles, or broken up into smaller-priced packs at $40 for the basic goggles and $20 for two sets of extras.

Let's look at the weird Nintendo VR Labo creations

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The VR kit has a pair of Toy-Con cardboard goggles, a Toy-Con Blaster, a Toy-Con Camera, a Toy-Con Elephant, a Toy-Con Bird, and a Toy-Con Wind Pedal. While the VR goggles will work with all of these, the extras look like they'll work as really bizarre VR controllers.

The set says it's made for ages 6 and up for the construction, and 7 and up for the in-VR experiences. Google Cardboard, the original cardboard VR goggles, was also aimed at younger-aged kids than most other VR platforms because of its more casual ViewMaster-type design.

Rumors of a "VR mode" on the Nintendo Switch have been around since last year. And, hey, I wondered about Nintendo getting into VR back in 2015.