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Invi Bracelet releases a nasty smell to ward off attackers

The simple bracelet aims to empower people and raise an awareness about sexual violence.

The bracelet was inspired by a skunk.
Patrick Holland/CNET

At an unassuming table in a CES exhibition hall, a Dutch company had what looked to be a handful of hair ties on display. But unbeknownst to people passing by something much more potent was being shown off. It was a bracelet that releases a nasty smell to ward off an attacker.

It's called the Invi Bracelet and is a non-violent way for people to protect themselves from sexual violence. The band is made from leather and can be adjusted to fit depending on your wrist size. The metal vial sits atop your wrist and has a nifty two-step trigger mechanism to stop it from accidentally going off.

To discharge the smell you press the safety button on the underside of the vial then pull the leather band off your wrist breaking the tiny canister open to release the smell.


To release the smell you press the safety button under the metal vial then pull the band off your wrist.


Invi's approach to the bracelet was inspired by a skunk. The company sought a nonviolent way to empower people to protect themselves while also raising awareness about sexual violence.

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The smell is made up of a cocktail of foul odors that apparently is strong enough to be unbearable to be around. The Invi Bracelet is $70, £60 which converts to about AU$105 and can be bought on the company's website.

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