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Huawei brings the bling to woo women on smartwatches

The sharp-screened Huawei Watch now comes with 68 Swarovski crystals and a slimmer band, but the watch itself hasn't gotten any smaller.

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During the first few days I wore the Huawei Watch, a beautiful but big-screen Android smartwatch, it shocked me how many compliments I received for a heavy, bulky gadget that very clearly dominated my wrist.

In its second design round, Huawei is reaching out to people like me who seek a slimmer profile.

The two more "feminine" watch styles, the Elegance and Swarovski-encrusted Jewel, will sell within the first three months of the year for about $350 or $800, respectively (roughly £235 and £540 and AU$480 or AU$1,100).

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In the US, you can buy them at BestBuy, Amazon, and the Google Store.

They have slimmer bands and rose gold faces, but the 1.4-inch screen on its tall setting remains the same.

Huawei Watch specs

Elegance, Jewel Original Huawei Watch
Band width 18mm 22mm
Screen size 1.4-inch OLED 1.4-inch OLED
Software Android Wear Android Wear
Battery 300mAh 300mAh
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel

In addition to two new styles and narrower bands, the Elegance and Jewel come with new digital watch face options.