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Get a Fitbit Versa for $149

Arguably Fitbit's best product to date, it's $50 less than usual -- and there's a cashback option to boot. Plus: An $85-per-year drawing app for free!

The Fitbit Versa looks like an Apple Watch but has some Pebble DNA...
Sarah Tew/CNET

Still on the hunt for the ideal smartwatch/fitness-tracker?

Fitbit came pretty close last month with the introduction of the Versa, a compact, lightweight device with an Apple Watch-style design but better battery life.

It lists for $200, which is what you'll pay just about everywhere right now, but allow me to sneak you in the side door of Deals By Rick: For a limited time, you can get a Fitbit Versa for $149.96 when you sign up for Macy's emails and then apply the 25-percent-off code you receive. Shipping is free, but you may be on the hook for sales tax. Update: I received and successfully tested a code this morning, but now readers are reporting that Macy's is excluding this item. 😡

(Just FYI, it took about 15 minutes for my Macy's email to arrive with the code.)

It gets better: Cashback service Ebates is currently offering a 6-percent rebate on Macy's purchases, which would bring your net cost down to around $141.

I haven't used the Versa myself (nor any Fitbit, surprisingly), but it appears to tick all the boxes I consider important in a wearable: Notifications, water-resistance, a nice selection of watch faces (with more coming all the time) and a battery that's good for more than just a day.

Allow me to turn you over to Scott Stein's Fitbit Versa review. He called the watch "mostly great" and "the best fusion of smartwatch and general fitness tracker under $200," its limitations notwithstanding.

Those limitations include no onboard GPS, no NFC for tap-to-pay (unless you spring for the pricier model) and some complexity in loading watch faces and music.

Interestingly, as I noted yesterday, Walmart still has the Apple Watch Series 1 on sale for $149. Putting these two side-by-side, I'd have a tough time choosing -- but there's little question the Versa is the better choice for Android users. If nothing else, it can accompany you into the lap-swim lane, which the Series 1 can't.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Autodesk Sketchbook is widely regarded as one of the top free drawing apps, though the Pro version was pretty steep at $85 per year.

Good news! Sketchbook Pro is now free for all platforms. The app gives you a huge assortment of drawing tools, including Photoshop-style layers. Your completed works can be exported in a variety of formats -- including PSD.

This now ranks among the all-time great software freebies. Grab it now for Android, iOS, Mac or Windows.

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