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Fitbit's first kid fitness tracker is now available

The Fitbit Ace is basically a rebranded Fitbit Alta.

The Fitbit Ace: for kids
Sarah Tew/CNET

It's still unclear whether kids really need fitness trackers to stay active, but that's not stopping Fitbit. The company's first plunge into kid fitness trackers, Fitbit Ace, has arrived for the summer, and is now on sale. The band was announced earlier this year during Fitbit's launch of the Versa smartwatch.

The basic-looking band is, essentially, a repurposed Fitbit Alta, a fitness tracker that's been on sale since 2016. The $100 tracker (roughly £80 or AU$130) can measure steps, estimated calories, sleep, and will be programmed for kid-oriented fitness targets: 60 active minutes a day, and nine to 12 hours of sleep. 

The band doesn't measure heart rate, isn't waterproof (it's IPX7, which is shower-level water resistant and works at up to a meter submersion, but isn't meant for swimming), and lasts for about five days on a charge. It has pre-installed watch faces and can receive basic notifications on its screen for kids who have phones. It's aimed at children ages eight and up. Fitness trackers aimed at kids aren't new: Fitbit rival Garmin's been making them for years.

We'll be receiving a Fitbit Ace at CNET so stay tuned for a review -- and it'll be tested on a kid, of course.