Apple Watch Series 3 now tracks skiing and snowboarding

Budding Olympians can monitor their downhill runs with Apple's newest wearable, following an update.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor

The Apple Watch Series 3 adds snow sports to its repertoire.


Apple on Wednesday updated the Apple Watch Activity app to add tracking for skiing and snowboarding. The update applies to Apple Watch Series 3 models running WatchOS 4.2 or newer. 

Alpine sports fans can now log their runs, as well as view vertical descent stats, calories burned and more in the Activity app. Skiing and snowboarding now also contribute to closing daily activity rings in the app.

The Apple Watch is supposed to autorecord skiing and snowboarding workouts, according to Apple's blog post

In addition to updates in Apple's Activity app, you'll find similar changes to related apps such as Slopes, Squaw Alpine, Snocru, Ski Tracks and snoww (not a typo). Specifically, they can now gather more data from the Apple Watch Series 3, including the number of runs, average and max speeds, total time, calories burned and the vertical descent and horizontal distance. 

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