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All the new Sony Extra Bass speakers just announced

There's even a new outdoor "party" speaker that incorporates a small table with cup holders.

No, it's not a grill, it's Sony's new GTK-PG10 outdoor party speaker.

Sony has once again refreshed its line of Extra Bass portable Bluetooth speakers with several new models, including one designed for tailgaters that will hold onto your beverages. All the new speakers ship this spring, with prices ranging from $60 to $350 (no word yet on international pricing).

The entry-level SRS-XB12, which succeeds the XB10 (which I liked) is a micro Bluetooth speaker that has an integrated strap, while the step-up SRS-XB22 and SRS-XB32 models have integrated lights. All three of those speakers feature IP67 water and shock resistance.

The much bigger and more powerful GTK-XB72 also packs a light show and has some real kick to its bass. Both the XB72 and XB32 are compatible with Sony's Fiestable app, which allows you to control the speakers with your voice and motion and create lighting effects, including flashing strobe lights. The XB32 delivers an impressive 24 hours of battery life and can charge mobile devices, while the XB72 has a built-in FM tuner.

As for that aforementioned new outdoor party speaker, the GTK-PG10, it's probably the most interesting speaker of the bunch.

The SRS-XB32.


Sony says the GTK-PG10 spreads "high-power" sound with a dedicated "outdoor party mode." With the top panels open, the built-in tweeters face upward and outward, delivering a more expansive soundstage in this mode. 

The GTK-PG10 is tripod-compatible, has a built-in rechargeable battery that delivers up to 13 hours of listening, and has handles to make it easier to lug around. Like the XB72. It also has an FM tuner and is compatible with Sony's Fiestable app, as well as the Sony Music Center app.

Aside from the table and cup holders (yes, the top is water-resistant), the other extra is a mic input that allows for karaoke sessions. We'll drink to that.

I'll let you know how these guys sound as soon I get some hands-on time with them and will have individual reviews of the models I like best after they ship.


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