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Samsung's slimline speaker offers a magnetic volume puck

Samsung has unveiled the VL5, a wireless speaker which will allow users to alter the volume via a magnetic puck.


The Samsung VL5 smart speaker features a magnetic volume knob 


Samsung has announced the stylish looking VL5, a speaker featuring a puck-like magnetic dial that appears to work in a similar way to the Microsoft Surface Dial to control volume. The puck will stick to any magnetic surface and control the volume via a slick dial. The volume control on display at the company's First Look event in Las Vegas at CES had integrated microphones, but Samsung said it doesn't have anything to announce in the "smart" department.

The VL5 is roughly two feet long, and a couple of inches deep, plus it comes in a choice of either silver or black. It features "studio quality sound" with tuning from Samsung's recent acquisition AKG, and includes three 5-inch woofers and two tweeters. The company also announced the smaller VL3, which is the size of a transistor radio and includes a single woofer and tweeter combo.

The speakers will feature Wi-Fi connectivity and be controlled with the new SmartThings app. While existing devices such as the Shape can be used with Smart Things, the VL speakers will not be backwards compatible with Samsung's own Multiroom system, a Samsung representative told CNET. 

Samsung has yet to announce pricing or availability for the VL5 or the VL3.

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