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LG announces Music Flow wireless system coming to US

​LG has announced its Music Flow Wi-Fi system will be available in the US in 2015 and incorporate features like on-the-go music and even IM-ing your device.

The 2015 LG Music Flow soundbars HJK

LG has announced its Music Flow Wi-Fi system will be coming to the US in 2015 and will incorporate four Wi-Fi Speakers -- including one powered by an on-board battery -- and an additional three sound bars.

LG's Music Flow system debuted at IFA in 2014 and includes the standalone H7 (NP8740), H5 (NP8540) and H3 (NP8340) models. The lineup now includes the the company's first wireless speaker, the LG H4 (NP8350), which comes with a built-in battery.

The portable LG H4 (NP8350) speaker

Like competitors offerings the system enables you to play music from your phone, your network, or from a handful of services including Spotify Connect, Rhapsody and TuneIn.

While there is a noticeable lack of a Samsung LinkMate or Sonos Connect clone, the company is offering three sound bars with Music Flow built-in and these are the LAS950M, LAS851M and LAS751M.

In a handy development you can add two of the "H" speakers to one of these sound bars and use them as surrounds, just as you can with the Sonos Playbar .

One of the most interesting features of the LG system is that you can use the Music Flow app as your phone's music player and continue playing your on-the-go music through your speakers when you get home.

However, one of the least interesting features is its ability to receive IM "chats" and recommend music, and I expect this will be just as kooky as gesture-based control for TVs and used just as little.

If you own one of the new BP550 Streaming 3D Blu-ray Players or LAB550W SoundPlates you can stream from their disc players or USB ports, though sadly not to them.

Price and availability for the Music Flow range have yet to be announced but stay tuned for further announcements from the International CES 2015.