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Samsung prices its 2014 home theater line, including $300 Samsung Shape M5

While Samsung announced most of its home theater products at CES 2014, the company announced pricing and availability at its spring line show in New York.

Samsung M5
Samsung M5 Samsung

Samsung got a jump on CES 2014 this year by pre-announcing its sound bars, Giga Systems, and a wireless speaker in early January. But like many CES announcements, there weren't many details.

Samsung filled in major gaps today, announcing pricing and availability for its core line of home theater products. The major product lineup shapes up like this:

Wireless speaker
Samsung Shape M5 speaker: $300; spring

Sound bars
Samsung HW-H750: $800, spring
Samsung HW-H600 (Sound Stand): $400; March

Giga Systems
Samsung MX-HS9000: $1,500; spring
Samsung MX-HS8500: $1,300; spring

For more information on the features of these systems, check out CNET's original coverage of Samsung's sound bars, Giga Systems, and the M5 speaker.

Samsung also detailed some products that weren't fully announced at CES. There's the Samsung Link Mate, which is part of the Shape Wireless Audio ecosystem and allows you to connect legacy audio devices to system. Full details aren't available yet, but it seems similar to the Sonos Connect and will carry a similar $350 price tag when it comes in the spring.

Samsung also detailed the BD-H6500 Blu-ray player. It touts Ultra HD (aka 4K) upscaling and the ability to work as part of the Shape Wireless Audio system. While 4K upscaling won't get you anything on a traditional display (and I bet won't add much benefit even with a 4K display), adding wireless audio to your living room via a Blu-ray player could be a worthwhile perk if you're buying into Samsung's wireless audio ecosystem. It packs a premium price at $180 and will be available in the spring.

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Samsung M5 (black)
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