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Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets a little bigger on June 30

The Expansion Pass will bring some new adventures and armor to the Switch and Wii U title.

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Have you finished Nintendo's epic Zelda: Breath of the Wild yet? Either way, June 30 is the day the game's Expansion Pass DLC will be available to download, making the Nintendo Switch and Wii U adventure just a little bit better.

The Master Trials DLC will add several new armors to choose from, a master mode and the Korok mask.

If you're still working hard to figure out where all of the game's secrets might be hidden across the giant world map, a new Hero's Path mode will show you where you've been -- and thus where you still need to go.


Breath of the Wild's new Trial of the Sword, included in this expansion pack.


If you're seeking more adventure, there's a new Trial of the Sword challenge and a harder difficulty mode for the entire game. More info on these can be found at Nintendo's official site here

There'll also be a second DLC pack this holiday that adds to the game's story. Both are available as a bundle for $20 in the US, £18 in the UK and AU$30 in Australia.

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