Yakuza 3 lands on PS4 as part of Yakuza Remastered Collection

Kazuma Kiryu's adventures are getting an update.

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Yakuza Remastered Collection

For those who missed out on the earlier Yakuza games on the PS3, a new collection will help bring you up to speed. 


Sega on Tuesday confirmed its bringing it's action-adventure game series Yakuza to the PlayStation 4 as part of the Yakuza Remastered Collection. It'll include remasters of Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4 and Yakuza 5, all previously only available on the PS3.

The Yakuza Remastered Collection costs $59.99, but each game in the collection will be made available at a different date. Yakuza 3 is available as of Tuesday, while Yakuza 4 comes out Oct. 29 and Yakuza 5 will be released Feb. 11. Sega also plans to release a physical Yakuza collection for the PS4 on that date.

The Yakuza series is Sega's long-running Japanese mafia franchise -- known in Japan as Ryū ga Gotoku -- that originated on the  PS2 . Players take the role of Kazuma Kiryu, an officer in the Tojo Clan who went to jail for a murder he didn't commit. Since his return to the streets, he's found himself embroiled in various plots by other clans to usurp power in the Tokyo underworld. Kiryu takes it upon himself to figure out who's ultimately behind these power grabs and takes them down. Yakuza 4 and 5 introduced additional characters that players control to discover who's pulling the strings. 

Each entry will be remastered at 1,080p/60fps and have its localization "repolished," according to Sam Mullen, director of production for Sega of America. Also, content cut from earlier versions of the game will be added back in. For example, when Yakuza 3 came out in 2010, players found that the publisher had removed hostess bars and quizzes about Japan to make the game more accessible to international audiences. 

News of the collection came early Tuesday when one Twitter user saw it available in the Brazil PlayStation Store.