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Yahoo7 launches Trixi's tricky mystery

An Australian-made interactive online drama featuring a foxy DJ called Trixi will hit the Web on Monday.

Monday sees the launch of Yahoo7's PS Trixi, a Gen Y-targeted "edgy alternate reality experience" that blends elements of a TV show and an interactive game in a 12-part online drama.

PS Trixi follows the travails of plucky 20-something radio DJ Trixi (played by newcomer Erinn Swan), who embarks on a dangerous rescue mission when her sister mysteriously disappears.

The series has a strong emphasis on interactivity, and encourages the audience to solve clues by navigating a comprehensive Web site and sifting through Trixi's webcam videos, e-mails and podcasts.

PS Trixi also integrates some of Yahoo7's online offerings, offering bonus hints and extra storylines via the Yahoo search engine and photo sharing Web site Flickr. The multi-platform approach also involves Pacific Magazines and Channel Seven, with updates on Trixi's adventures set to appear on TV and in print.

According to writer Deborah Cox in a statement released by Yahoo7 today, this multi-format approach "offers a totally different experience to dramas that have come before - weaving fact and fiction, reality and unreality".

Trixi will hit the Web at at 8:30pm on Monday August 28. For now, you can check out Yahoo7's video teaser for an introduction to Trixi and her posse.