Xbox Series X: Microsoft backtracks on Thanksgiving release

It's still coming this holiday season.

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Xbox Series X

Get a new Xbox before sitting down with the family.


Microsoft's Xbox Series X website was updated Wednesday and showed a Thanksgiving release for the next-gen console. Not long after, the company backtracked, saying it's still committed to a holiday 2020 release and that product pages in some regions "inaccurately" listed Thanksgiving the launch date. 

Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb tweeted about the inaccurate listing Wednesday saying the product page showed the wrong date in some regions. "We are committed to launching holiday 2020," he said.

On Monday, Microsoft revealed the specs and hardware for the Xbox Series X. The AMD RDNA 2 and Zen 2 processors will power the console outputting 12 teraflops. The new system will also have a 1TB SSD and will use  Xbox Velocity Architecture, which will let developers make use of up to 100GB of game assets instantaneously.

Microsoft's Xbox website showed the previously announced specs as well as more details about the unique shape of the console. The tower design serves a purpose by creating three air-flow channels to keep the components cool during gaming

Xbox Series X

This console looks like it's going to be cooler than the other side of a pillow.


The Xbox Series X will also have heat sinks directly integrated into the chassis of the system as well as a vapor chamber to help cool down the system's core and memory. There will also be a split motherboard in the Xbox Series X to reduce heat while allowing more power output. 

Xbox Series X

More open space means a cooler system.


Microsoft has still yet to reveal a price for the Xbox Series X.