Xbox's Project Scorpio secrets to be spilled later this week

Video game analysts at Digital Foundry say they've got some juicy details on Microsoft's upcoming console, Project Scorpio.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen
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Xbox fans are in for a treat. Microsoft's upcoming console, codenamed Project Scorpio, is slated for a big reveal this Thursday at 6 a.m. PT. The details will be provided by video game analyst Digital Foundry and appear on Eurogamer. Microsoft has confirmed to CNET that the duo will have the exclusive on the upcoming unveiling.

For those who aren't familiar, Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console Microsoft has ever made. It will feature major upgrades like rendering games at 4K resolution with 60 frames per second, and play virtual reality games like a VR version of Fallout 4. It's also been said that the new console won't get any exclusive games. Instead it will run current Xbox One games, just with 4.5 times the power.

While Digital Foundry and Microsoft haven't said what will be revealed in the exclusive, some believe we'll find out the console's specs. It's not super clear why Microsoft would let a third party reveal its console's specs instead of revealing them itself. Perhaps this is a display of confidence in Project Scorpio's power. In that case, bold move Microsoft.

Microsoft has already revealed that Project Scorpio's GPU will run at 6 teraflops (by comparison, the Playstation 4 Pro GPU runs at 4.2 teraflops) and have an eight-core CPU. The Project Scorpio console is expected to release in the fourth quarter of 2017. Following Thurday's reveal, more official info is expected to come at E3 2017 on June 11, so stay tuned to CNET as more details come in.

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