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Xbox PC App Adds New Feature to Help with Backlogs

See how long it will take to beat a PC game before playing.

Oscar Gonzalez Staff reporter
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Oscar Gonzalez
Halo Infinite cover art superimposed over Xbox logo

Microsoft added a new feature to its Xbox PC app Wednesday letting users find out how much time it will take to finish a game. 

HowLongToBeat is a database of completion times for games, and it's now incorporated into the Xbox PC app. Users can see how long it takes to finish a title under the details tab as of Wednesday. 

a screenshot of the xbox pc app showing completion times for the game Death Stranding

An example of how completion times will look on the Xbox PC app. 


There are four completion categories listed: Main Story, Main Story + Extras, Completionist and All Styles. Main Story is the time it takes to finish the game, while Main Story + Extras involves completing side quests and other unlockable tasks. Completionists is for those who want every achievement and complete every task, while Combined is the time for all play styles considered during estimation. These times come from the HowLongToBeat community, who submit their times in order to estimate completion times. 

Along with the new feature, Microsoft also improved the performance of the app. It now launches 15% faster while adding some tweaks to make it more responsive.

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