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Xbox One Titanfall bundle drops to £370 at Gamestop

After yesterday's price cut, Microsoft's Xbox One console has got even cheaper again, this time at retailer Gamestop.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced it was cutting the price of the Xbox One to £399.99, but now one retailer has undercut it even further. Gamestop is offering the console with Titanfall -- one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year -- for just £369.97. That's a full £30 cheaper than Microsoft's offer.

Your turn, Microsoft.

The bundle includes the console, a digital copy of Titanfall rather than a boxed copy, a wireless controller, a wireless headset, the Kinect sensor, an HDMI cable, and everything else you'd expect with a new console.

While it advertises the special edition Titanfall box, it looks like it's the standard Xbox One controller you get, rather than the Titanfall one. The release date is also given as 14 March, when Titanfall comes out, so you might have to wait until then for the console to be delivered. Update: Gamestop has confirmed to me that you will have to wait until 14 March for the console to be delivered, and it's the standard Xbox One controller it comes with.

When both consoles launched, the Xbox One was a whopping £80 more expensive than Sony's PS4. Even with this latest price cut, it's still £20 pricier. But it seems to be getting closer to it day by day…

The high price will surely have hurt sales. The PS4 is outselling Microsoft's console in the UK by quite some way -- estimates peg it at somewhere around one and a half to one, or even as high as two to one. Microsoft justifies the higher price because it includes the Kinect sensor in the box.

Sony's PS4 will be mostly out of stock until more arrive in April, Sony says. And it sounds pretty chuffed about how well it's doing.

Would you be tempted by this latest Xbox One deal? Or are you annoyed that you had to pay full whack? Let me know in the comments, or over on our Facebook page.