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Xbox One thrashed by PS4 in GameSpot's global Twitter poll

It's only been official for two days and already the Xbox One is losing to the PlayStation 4 -- if only on Twitter.

It's only been official for two days and already the Xbox One is losing to the PlayStation 4 -- if only on Twitter. Our sister site GameSpot has created a nifty poll that monitors the social blathering site for supporters of the two consoles and found a whopping 89 per cent favour Sony's machine.

That support is totally global too -- not a single country favours the Xbox One. Even France, whose tweeters make up 12 per cent of Xbox supporters, plump overall for the PS4. Those stats are based on people who include geolocation information in their tweets, so it might not be the whole picture.

Countries including Kosovo, Western Sahara, East Timor and Somaliland have yet to register any preference, although Sony will be delighted that key markets such as Rwanda, Armenia and El Salvador are solidly behind the PS4.

The poll is ongoing -- to show your support for One or the other, tweet #GameSpotPS4 or #GameSpotXbox. As you can tell, the hashtags are specific to this poll, so the map and percentages don't take into account people tweeting other console-related hashtags such as #XboxReveal or the waggish #Xbone (which is surely what everyone will call the thing, for ever).

Many of the tweets in favour of the PS4 point to its specs being superior, with stats such as "system memory bandwidth" and "peak shader throughput" supposedly much better on Sony's beast. Most analyses after the Xbox launch agreed, giving the PS4 the edge thanks to a more advanced type of RAM.

That's all well and good, but it doesn't necessarily mean better games. The PS3's Cell processor was demonstrably superior to the Xbox 360's innards, but gamers plumped for the latter because its exclusive games -- such as Halo and Gears of War -- were more appealing.

Nevertheless, Microsoft seems to have dropped a massive clanger by focusing on the Xbox One's TV capabilities instead of games, in contrast to Sony. The people who give a new console buzz are the ones who care the most about games, and Microsoft seems to have been slightly dismissive of them, serving up foregone conclusions like Call of Duty and FIFA.

That may all change when the gargantuan games show E3 opens next month, where Sony and Microsoft will reveal all the launch titles and let the press get their jittery hands on the new kit. If the Xbox One has much better exclusives than the PS4, it's game on.

Which next-gen gaming monolith do you favour? Show your allegiance in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or over on GameSpot.

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