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Xbox One supports 4K and 3D

Microsoft has confirmed that the new console does indeed support Ultra HD for both video and gaming.

Despite not being mentioned at the Xbox One launch event, it seems that Microsoft was indeed looking to the future of video resolution when it designed its new console.

The Xbox One will support 4K playback and gaming. (Screenshot by Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

In a live Yahoo Q&A session, Microsoft's Larry Hyrb — better known as Major Nelson — confirmed that Ultra HD, or 4K, support is part of the package.

Hryb said, "Indeed. Xbox One supports both 3D and 4K."

Speaking to Forbes, Microsoft's CVP of Marketing and Strategy Yusuf Mehdi noted that unlike the PlayStation 4, the Ultra HD support would include gaming, as well. If a game is rendered in 4K resolution, the Xbox One will play it: "There's no hardware restriction there at all," Mehdi said.

While the PS4 also supports 4K, it's for videos and photos. Back in February, Sony's president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida spoke at a round table media session event, saying:

The official answer is the PS4 supports 4K output, but does for personal content like photos and videos, not games. PS4 games do not work on 4K.

Although officially known as Ultra HD, Sony has said that it will continue to use the term 4K. Only three Ultra HD TVs are on the market in Australia at the moment, all quite highly priced, ranging from around AU$17,000 up to AU$40,000.

However, LG recently announced that it would introduce a line-up of smaller and more affordable Ultra HD TVs later this year, starting at AU$6999.