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Xbox One pre-orders get free copy of FIFA 14

Everyone who pre-orders an Xbox One will get a free copy of the football game.

Update: A Microsoft rep has clarified via Twitter that in fact FIFA 14 will only be free if you pre-order the Day One edition of the Xbox One, which is currently sold out at Amazon. Original story follows.

Here's some great news if you're planning to order the Xbox One -- Microsoft will throw in a free copy of upcoming footie title FIFA 14.

The freebie -- which has surely been bundled in a move to combat the PlayStation 4 -- will also apply to existing pre-orders, so no need to throw a tantrum if you've already placed a pre-order for the new system.

If you don't want to pre-order, there will also be a FIFA 14 Xbox One bundle that will cost £429. That's the same price as the regular Xbox One console, so you won't pay any more in total than those who pay their cash beforehand.

Microsoft says you'll get a free copy of the game 'while stocks last', which could lead to some pre-order customers getting left out. Fingers crossed there are plenty of copies of the virtual kickabout getting stamped onto discs as we speak.

The Xbox One has taken a pummelling from critics and gamers, who were unhappy with the system's high price and since-rescinded restrictive online policies.

The fact remains that the £429 Xbox One is still £80 more expensive than Sony's console, but throwing in a surefire hit like FIFA 14 might just swing the popular vote in Microsoft's favour.

Which system are you rooting for? Do you think free FIFA 14 is good enough, or will you need more from Microsoft before you throw down £429? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.