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Xbox One history traced in Xbox evolution video

From the first Xbox to the spangly new Xbox One, we trace the history of Microsoft's console, before looking to the future.

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The Xbox One has entered the realm of officialdom -- but how did it get here? In the video above, we examine the origins of Microsoft's Xbox console, and take you on a gaming-flavoured trip down memory lane.

You'll learn about the origins of the first Xbox, as well as its original name, as we take you on a journey through time, all the way back to the late 90, in a clip that will pump you full of all the knowledge you need to impress your pals.

You'll also learn about the Xbox 360's biggest hits -- and red-ringed misses -- as well as some of the games that have made Microsoft's console arguably the biggest force in modern gaming.

Finally you'll get to see the all-new Xbox One, and hear why Microsoft should learn a lesson from its own success story, and keep an eye on potential rivals waiting in the wings.

Watch the video, and let me know which Xbox console is your favourite, and whether you're interested in the Xbox One -- or if you're more intrigued by Sony's new PlayStation 4. As always, the comments below or on our Facebook wall are the places to have your say. Enjoy the video, folks, and happy gaming!