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Xbox One coming in white to Xbox employees only

Microsoft will make a shiny white version of its Xbox One console, but it's only available for Xbox employees.

Feast your eyes on this gleaming, white Xbox One. Oh how you'd love to lord it over your friends with their dowdy, miserable black version. Don't get too excited though; this colour will only be available to Microsoft employees who have worked on the new console.

An image of the console first appeared on Reddit, with Microsoft confirming its authenticity to The Verge. Not only will employees receive the console for free, they'll also be given a year of Xbox Live, a host of games and a special achievement on the launch day. The front of the slick-looking console will also be engraved with "I made this".

Microsoft hasn't yet stated whether the console will be generally available in other colours aside from the black we've already seen it in. The console will be arriving on UK shores in November so it's possible we might see more news about different colours nearer the time -- although don't get your hopes up.

Sony has made a bit of a song and dance about offering its PS3 console in garish red and blue hues, although hasn't stated if its next-gen PS4 will come in anything other than black. What we do know though is that the PS4 will cost £80 less than the Xbox One, so you could always splash out on a few cans of spray paint to jazz it up a little.

To help bridge the price gap, preorders of the Xbox One will include a free copy of FIFA 14 -- at least while stocks last.

What do you think to the white Xbox? Do you want to save your pennies in case it gets an official UK launch or are you happy with the black model? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or head over to our Facebook page.