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Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit: Look mum, no wires

Ever get to that crucial stage in a game on your Xbox 360, only to watch the batteries on your wireless controller suddenly give up the ghost? Worry not, dear dork, for help is at hand

Crave hates getting to that crucial save point when we're playing with our Xbox 360 only to see our controller throw a monumental wobbly because the battery's running low. It's true that the the official 'Play and Charge Kit' solves the problem, but there's nothing worse than being tethered to the console once you've got used to being wireless and free.

Help is at hand with the new 'Quick Charge Kit' from Microsoft. This neat little stand really looks the part. We sat ours on a shelf next to our mammoth library of 360 games and connected it directly to the mains with the supplied adaptor. You can charge batteries singly or dock two batteries into the unit to charge them both at the same time.

We managed to charge two almost flat battery packs in just over 4.5 hours, which was pretty close to Microsoft's claim of 4 hours. It also comes supplied with one extra battery, which is very handy -- you can simply swap your exhausted battery for a fresh one and game on.

This is a very neat solution, much better than connecting your controller to the Xbox 360. The Quick Charge Kit retails for £19.99, but we've seen it online for as low as £15. This would make an ideal present for your console-crazy loved one, but make sure there's one stuffed in your stocking too. -DC