World of Warcraft Auction House app coming soon to iPhone

Blizzard, the creator of the insanely addictive online game, has announced a mobile version of its Auction House will shortly be available for the iPhone, so you can earn gold on the go

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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In olden times, a player's World of Warcraft experience ended when they dragged themselves away from their PC. Thankfully those dark and miserable days are long gone, as game-creator Blizzard has announced it will shortly be expanding its hugely successful Armory app to include an all-new mobile version of the in-game Auction House, where players buy and sell the items they find and make.

The existing Armory application allows players to check out characters, statistics and achievements from their iPhone. The coming expansion will build on that by giving gamers access to the game's virtual marketplace, Pocket-lint reports. The mobile version will reportedly feature all the functionality of the 'real' Auction House, and will allow iPhone-equipped players to continue their financial wheeling and dealing on the move.

Blizzard confirmed that the application was in development in an official post on the World of Warcraft forums. It seems that currently it's only focusing on developing for the iPhone, although if the app is successful, an Android version could conceivably be on the cards.

The official announcement also makes it clear that "certain elements" of the game will be premium-based. World of Warcraft players already pay a monthly fee for the game, so if you want the full version of the coming application, expect to pay an additional fee on top of your usual monthly charge.

From Blizzard's point of view, expanding World of Warcraft's mobile functionality makes perfect sense -- fans will eagerly pay to never have to be disconnected from their character's online activity and manage a more laborious part of the game while they're away from their computer. Stay tuned for release dates and pricing information. Lok'tar!