Wii U 'deluxe' promotion aims to boost game downloads

Nintendo is trying to entice consumers to download games as soon as the Wii U game console launches on November 18.


If you're willing to invest in new games for your long-awaited Wii U home console, a Nintendo promotion will grant you an extra $5 for every $50 you spend.

The Wii U, due to go on sale starting November 18, will come in two bundles: a $299 basic set and a $349 deluxe set that comes with additional accessories and the Nintendo Land game disc.

If you purchase the more-expensive bundle, you can use the promotion to earn points when purchasing downloadable games. These points can then be converted into discounts and will accumulate until the end of 2014.

For example, if you purchase New Super Mario Bros. -- priced at $59.99 -- you gain roughly 10 percent of the game price, which would equate to 599 points. For every 500 you earn, you gain $5 of credit to be used in either the Nintendo eShop for either Wii U or Nintendo 3DS.

However, not all the news about the new console is good for gamers. According to reports, it is likely the new console will include region locking to prevent users from playing games released in other regions.

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