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Why your brain just can't handle video games

Ever unexpectedly die in a video game? Anthony Carboni explains in this video why it's probably your brain's fault, not the game's.

Video games are fun, but they can also be extremely frustrating. You can fall to your death at the stupidest times if you don't hit the jump button just right or if you accidentally hit the wrong button altogether. You can also die from a bullet you really should have seen -- or even be completely oblivious to who is about to kill you until they've already fired the fatal rounds.

When these events happen, we gamers often think the problem isn't something we did or didn't do. The game itself must have lagged or glitched. Maybe the person who killed us is cheating somehow. But in reality, the problem is most likely sitting between our ears.

This video from host and writer Anthony Carboni explains the many ways our brains just completely suck at video games. From the 80-millisecond delay between the time we see something onscreen and our brain processes that information, to how our brain uses sensory gating to filter out things that your brain deems unimportant, our brains are hardwired in such a way that we sometimes struggle during periods of intense focus, like when gaming.

So the next time you want to curse the game, controller, or other players when you die in a video game, just remember that the problem is probably your brain.