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Week in video: Wii will rock you

CNET's Kara Tsuboi brings you the latest on the Nintendo Wii, as well as an interview with an indie video game developer with a WiiWare contract.

Are indie game developers the next rock stars? CNET's Kara Tsuboi finds out.

She brings you the latest on the Nintendo Wii, including an interview with indie game developer Kyle Gabler, who scored a WiiWare contract. Kara even throws in some yoga and ski moves from a recent media party in San Francisco. Also,'s Michael Kanellos test drives a hot, green machine: methanol-powered forklift.

And Carl-Gustav Linden talks with Terry Tamminen, a clean-tech adviser and a main force behind California's rise to the top as a climate change policy maker.

To see all of's most recent videos, click here.'s Kara Tsuboi catches up with Kyle Gabler, a developer who may have just hit the jackpot with a Nintendo WiiWare contract. But the path to get there wasn't always easy.

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Welcome WiiWare

With WiiWare set to debut in May, expect to see new titles from indie game developers in the Wii Shop; slick third-party games from Lucas Arts and Electronic Arts; and of course, Mario Kart and Wii Fit.

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Forklift of the future

Oorja Protonics has built a methanol fuel cell for powering those massive forklifts you see wandering around the stock room at Costco.'s Michael Kanellos goes for a test ride.

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California's green guru

Terry Tamminen, an adviser at Pegasus Capital Advisors and the former director of California's Environmental Protection Agency, sits down with's Carl-Gustav Linden.