Watch Overwatch's D.Va get her own animated short at Gamescom 2018

D.Va finally gets her shot at the spotlight.

Blizzard teased that it would have new Overwatch announcements for Gamescom 2018, and during its event Wednesday, it delivered an animated short for fan-favorite D.Va, along with revealing a new map tied to the character.

The setup for the animated short involves a slim victory over frequent the Omnics, the Overwatch universe's frequent enemies, and how her robotic opponents are only getting better as they evolve. As she worries about if her MEKA team can continue to beat them, a group of Omnics suddenly show up, leaving D.Va with no choice but to try to take them out alone.

The short, titled Shooting Star, isn't the only Overwatch news of the day, though. Blizzard has also unveiled a new map called Busan, which fans will recognize as the city D.Va calls home. Busan has now been added to the Public Test Realm, and is designed for the control game type, letting players battle it out in a city setting as well as the actual MEKA squad's base. 

Unfortunately for console players, you can only check out the Public Test Realm on PC, but Blizzard doesn't usually keep maps locked up in testing for too long, so console players should be able to hop into Busan soon.

Yesterday, Blizzard also revealed a new exclusive partnership with LEGO, giving Overwatch fans yet another way to celebrate their favorite characters (though from the portraits in LEGO's tease, it looks like D.Va may not be included in the first batch of sets).