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Wanted: One Minecraft whiz to build real castles with virtual blocks

A luxury accommodation company wants to pay you to build Minecraft models of its real-world properties, starting at Loch Ness.


Minecraft is perfect for building virtual castles, and now you can use it to craft yourself a job.

The hugely popular video game involves constructing your own buildings, cities and worlds from a range of raw materials found within the game. The scale of imagination on display can be stunning, with players rendering real-world locations and creating breathtakingly impossible kingdoms, block by block.

That imagination can be harnessed in a new gig offered by luxury accommodation company Elysian Estates, which offers vacations in fancy digs around Britain from spas to manor houses to castles.


The waters of Loch Ness lap against the grounds of Aldourie Castle.

Hazel Irvine

Anyone can apply for the job, as long as you're over 16. To apply, you need to put your mining where your mouth is by building a model of one of Elysian's current listings, Aldourie Castle. The picturesque property stands on the shores of the famous Loch Ness in Scotland.

The job involves rendering 10 Elysian Estates properties in Minecraft form. The successful applicant will be paid a not inconsiderable amount of £10,000. (Directly converted, that's about AU$18,800 or $14,400.)

The company supplies a photo pack of Aldourie Castle that you can use to build the model for your application, which must be full of "intricate detail, imagination and creativity". After you've finished the exterior, you can send in screenshots and a CV or resume by 18 April.