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Valve to verify which games will work on Steam Deck

Find out which games in your Steam library will be playable on the portable gaming PC.

Steam Verified makes it easy to tell what games play best on the Steam Deck
Steam Deck Verified makes it easy to tell what games play best on the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck, Valve's upcoming Nintendo Switch-like handheld gaming PC, would appear to have all of the tens of thousands of games in the Steam catalog immediately available to play once it's released. But that's not necessarily the case, and the company wants to make it easy to know which titles work with the new hardware. 

Valve has started a review process called Steam Deck Verified to determine which games on its platform are compatible with the Steam Deck, the company said Monday. On the device and soon on the Steam library page, there will be checkmarks next to games that have the proper input support, display settings and system support to play seamlessly on the Steam Deck. 

Games will be placed in one of four categories after they've been reviewed by Valve. Verified games will play great on the Steam Deck, while Playable titles need a few tweaks to the settings to work appropriately. Unsupported games can't be played on the Steam Deck -- VR games being one example. Those titles that have yet to be reviewed will be put in the Unknown category. 

The four Steam Verified categories

The four Steam Deck Verified categories.


Valve says the review process is currently underway. It's aiming to show Deck Verified titles in players' Steam libraries before the Steam Deck arrives in December.

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