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What will Valve's Gabe Newell say in an AMA? Find out today

You can ask Gabe Newell anything you want on Reddit this afternoon. Many people are excited to see what the blunt video game billionaire says.

Gabe Newell is hosting a Reddit AMA.
Screenshot by Patrick Holland/CNET

Outspoken and beloved gaming billionaire Gabe Newell began hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything session at 3 p.m. PT Tuesday. (You can see a feed of just his replies here.)

Gaben, as he is commonly called, is a co-founder and the president of Valve. The company's Steam platform revolutionized the way video games are distributed. It has over a 15 percent share of the PC video game market.

He is also responsible for the games Half-Life (considered one of the best first-person shooter games ever), Portal and Counter Strike.

In previous interviews and public appearances, he has been a vocal critic of how video games are made and sold to the public. He's been especially critical of closed systems like those of Apple and Microsoft. In 2012, Forbes named him as "A Name You Should Know."

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