Untitled Goose Game teases free co-op update during Nintendo Indie World

Now you can annoy villagers with a friend.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
House House

Last year's independent gem Untitled Goose Game will let you play with a friend starting Sept. 23. Nintendo announced the free update on Twitter along with a video of the new cooperative gameplay. You can play the single-player version of Untitled Goose Game now on a variety of platforms including the Nintendo Switch , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The update will roll out to all platforms to coincide with the game's launch on the popular PC gaming platform Steam. 

In Untitled Goose Game, you play as the titular goose, and you need to sneakily find ways to annoy and disrupt the lives of the residents of a peaceful English village. You steal keys and food, turn on the sprinklers to spray a gardener with water and generally cause chaos. The update will let you and a friend team up to wreak even more havoc on the hapless people of the village.

Australian developer House House released Untitled Goose Game in 2019 to general critical acclaim. The gameplay is simple -- a mix of puzzle-solving and stealth -- but still satisfying in a silly and fun way. Your goose is certainly a jerk, but that has some appeal, and terrorizing the town with another goose friend could be even better. 

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