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Uncharted 4 is coming to PC, Sony reveals

Uncharted has been one of the PlayStation's most coveted exclusives.

Naughty Dog

Sony and Microsoft have differing strategies for the current generation of gaming, which pits the PlayStation 5 against the Xbox Series X|S. While Microsoft is banking on services like Game Pass, a Netflix-esque subscription deal, Sony is focusing on exclusive games. So it's a little surprising to see that Uncharted, hitherto one of Sony's most prestigious exclusive franchises, is coming to the PC.

In a presentation to investors on Wednesday, the company revealed that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End would be launching on the PC platform, as well as Days Gone. It's part of a strategy for Sony to sell more games in China and India, where PC gaming is far more prevalent than console gaming.   


It follows Horizon Zero Dawn, which after selling millions of units on the PS4 was ported over to the PC last August. That highly acclaimed game was a big success on PC, with sales exceeding 700,000 in its first week. (Speaking of Horizon, Sony will be revealing details about its sequel, Forbidden West, on Thursday.) 

Sony also revealed in the investors presentation that it's about to start making money on each standard PS5 unit sold -- that is, in June the cost of goods to produce the console will be cheaper than its wholesale price. Sony said it plans so sell more than 14.8 million PlayStation 5 units in the 2021 financial year, despite the global semiconductor shortage that's made buying one notoriously difficult

The gaming giant didn't mention when Uncharted would come to PCs, though it'd likely be in time for the Uncharted film, starring Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland, which'll hit the big screen next February.