UK PS3ers score a free HDTV

Midnight launches tend to offer the odd freebie: usually food, drinks and a cap or lanyard. The spoils were a tad more impressive at the London PS3 launch.

Ella Morton
Ella was an Associate Editor at CNET Australia.
Ella Morton
Watching Casino Royale at Pitt St in Sydney

The faithful, the patient, the Bravia-less watch Casino Royale in Sydney last night

When they turned up to the official Sony Sydney PS3 launch in Pitt St, gamers who had pre-ordered a console were treated to free popcorn, drinks and a screening of Casino Royale. Attendees at Sony's official London launch also scored some freebies -- including a 46-inch Bravia TV each.

Yes, you read correctly. As we here at CNET.com.au were rubbing our eyes and struggling through the afternoon after spending the whole night reporting from the midnight launches, news of Sony's sudden generosity came through from our chums at GameSpot UK. In the words of Phil Elliott, editor of GameSpot UK:

Around 120 people had joined the queue shortly before midnight, and if the prospect of getting their hands on the latest bit of top quality gaming hardware, along with a complimentary copy of Resistance: Fall of Man, wasn't enough, Sony had one final trick up its sleeve.

Just minutes before the tills were due to start ringing, a Sony representative made the shock announcement that everybody registered in the queue would receive a free Bravia 46-inch HDTV, something which took some time to sink in with the gobsmacked crowd.

We think we just heard a few gamers' gobs smacking down here, too, accompanied by a collective strangled yelp of "Not faaaairrr!"