Two men mugged for their Xbox Ones after midnight launch

Two men on their way home from the Xbox One launch at midnight were mugged in Gloucestershire, and had their consoles stolen.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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Two men who queued until midnight to pick up their brand new Xbox Ones were mugged on the way home, the Daily Mail reports. The men were loading their purchases into their car when they were attacked in a car park in Gloucester. Their attacker made off with both consoles.

A similar incident happened a couple of months ago at the launch of GTA V. A man making his way home from the midnight launch at the Colindale Asda near Brent Cross was stabbed and hit with a brick, and relieved of his phone, watch, and his copy of the crime simulator.

The two victims of the Xbox One robbery were aged 25 and 27. The 25-year-old suffered injuries to his face, while the 27-year-old was knocked unconscious.

Police advised that if you are going to a midnight launch of some pricey new tech, to keep hidden what you've just bought. "With demand still high for the Xbox One and the new Sony PS4 release next week, Gloucestershire Police are urging anyone planning to make a late-night trip to purchase one of the items to consider carrying the item in another bag, other than the one supplied by the shop, so it is not obvious as to what the bag contains," a spokesperson from Gloucestershire Police told the Mail.

"Police are also suggesting that you park your car in a well-lit area, and as near to the shop as possible to keep your journey short. If you become suspicious of anyone around you then call the police."

The spokesperson said inquiries were ongoing to find those responsible. The force is eager to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the robbery.

The Xbox One sold a million consoles in its first day, according to Microsoft. That equals the PS4's sales when it hit the US. The PS4 touches down in the UK on Friday. If you are going to pick one up at midnight, please stay safe. And as they used to say on Crimewatch, don't have nightmares.

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