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Twitch's Squad Stream lets four gamers team up on one screen

It's great for battle royale games.

Squad Stream lets people play and stream live together in one window. 

Twitch wants you to squad up. The popular game streaming platform on Wednesday launched a feature called Squad Stream, which lets up to four users go live and stream together in one window.

With the new feature, creators can join forces with other streamers and help grow their online communities together, Twitch said in a blog post. The feature is especially great for battle royale games, Twitch said, and will give viewers even more angles on the action.


Twitch lets up to four creators to stream live together, while fans can chat with several communities simultaneously. 


Twitch teased Squad Streams back in October to solve a unique problem that faces streamers who regularly play games like Fortnite, PUBG or Destiny 2 -- they're all playing together, but their content is split between multiple streams. Viewers never get the whole show.

The features is coming to gamers in the Twitch Partners program first, but the company said it plans to expand it to all other streamers eventually. 

Twitch also offered up a schedule of Squad Streams for the next few weeks, with Apex Legends, Battlfield V and Fortnite streams up first.