Tom Clancy's The Division Goes Mobile with Resurgence

Head back to the streets of New York City.

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an armored freemen fighter posing with their modified crossbow on a desolate street in new york city at night

Meet the newest faction taking over NYC, the Freemen. 


Tom Clancy's The Division Resurgence will be the newest entry in the franchise made for Android and iOS mobile devices

In the new free-to-play game, you play the role of the first wave of Division agents, who were sent into New York City following the Green Poison outbreak to put a stop to the lawlessness happening in the city. Resurgence will include a new faction of bad guys called the Freemen and will contain story missions and world activities for solo or co-op players. 

The developers confirm Resurgence will be an open-world game and designed for an optimized mobile experience. 

"This game retains all the core gameplay mechanics that make up the foundations of Division games while adapting the controls to handheld devices, making it easier than ever to keep on fighting," the developers said in a blog post Wednesday. "Moreover, gameplay session lengths have been adapted to gaming on the go to ensure an optimum playing experience for all." 

Players will be able to customize their characters' look, skills and arsenal. It's unclear how these options will be unlockable, whether by playing the game or through microtransactions. 

The Division takes place in a post-crisis NYC following a deadly pandemic caused by a modified smallpox virus with a 90% mortality rate released on Black Friday. As the city falls to chaos, the US government begins sending Division agents -- trained field operatives who must keep their identities a secret to everyone they know -- into the city to restore order. Resurgence takes place in the first wave of agents sent into the city, which occurs weeks after the outbreak and weeks before the second wave of agents, which were the events in the first game in the series. The Division 2 takes place six months later in Washington, DC. 

Ubisoft didn't provide a release date on when The Division Resurgence will be released on iOS and Android, but the game's site does have details on how to play the game in upcoming tests.