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This Lego Doom build will haunt your nightmares

Lego artist Iain Heath built an incredible 6-foot-long Lego model of scenes from the 1993 classic video game Doom.

The original Doom was one of the first first-person shooter video games on the market, and it was really one of the defining titles that helped the genre take off.

Iain Heath spent three months building an intricate Lego tribute to Doom, re-creating a series of four scenes from the 1993 classic.

The Lego Doom build features the hero soldier facing off against baddies like imps, demons and even the dreaded cyclops ball-shaped cacodemon that was prominently featured in many a nightmare I had as a kid. The details on this build are awesome, and the result is a fitting tribute to what is arguably one of the best video games ever made.

Be sure to check out the rest of the images on Heath's Flickr page, and if you'd like to see the 6x3-foot mega build in person, Heath will be displaying at Seattle's BrickCon in October and Seattle's Emerald City ComicCon in March 2015.

The full Lego Doom build features four scenes inspired by the classic shooter. Iain Heath

(Via Neatorama)