The Xbox Series X is now an actual refrigerator

You can enter to win a $500 Xbox Series X fridge now.

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When people first caught a glimpse of the upcoming Xbox Series X, many said that its boxy, rectangular shape resembled a refrigerator. Now, Microsoft has run with the joke, creating a fully-functioning Xbox Series X Fridge that you can enter to win today until Nov. 4. 

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The Xbox Series X Fridge has an estimated value of $500 (£450, AU$749) -- the same as the Xbox Series X console itself, which is currently available for preorder (if you can find one) and will ship Nov. 10. To enter to win, you must be at least 18 years old, and have a Twitter account. Follow @xbox on the social media platform, and retweet the promotional post with #XSXFridgeSweeps. You can only enter once per person. And only one fan will win the promotional fridge. 

Rapper Snoop Dogg and YouTuber Justine Ezarik (better known as iJustine) were both given an Xbox Series X Fridge this week.

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