​The three Switch games you need to buy that aren't Zelda

If you bought a Nintendo Switch, there's life beyond Link. But not a lot.

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Scott Stein
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There aren't a lot of games for the Nintendo Switch. But there are some good ones to be had. Yes, some. If you've got a Switch in your hot hands, and want to know what to do with it, here are the best games I've tried so far in a week or so of playing.

Good news: except for Zelda, these are affordably priced picks. And Zelda is worth its weight in gold.

Speaking of which: buy Zelda. You already did, of course.


Snipperclips is perfectly adorable (and challenging).

Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET


Nintendo's first indie downloadable game on the eShop is a delightful little collaborative puzzler. Two players can each grab one of the Joy-Cons, huddle down and figure out puzzles starring adorable little shape-things. It's kid-perfect, and priced well ($20). Next to Zelda, this is a day one must-get, and a good way to explore multiplayer.


Shovel Knight forever.

Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

There aren't any Virtual Console games on Switch yet, which means no retro fun. Except, there is Shovel Knight, a fantastic indie game that looks like it was made for NES. But it wasn't. Shovel Knight's already a classic, and its arrival on Switch means you need to buy it ASAP. But, there are two different Shovel Knight games on the Switch eShop. Let me explain: one is the new spinoff game, Specter of Torment. The other, Treasure Trove, bundles this game with previous games. Get Specter of Torment for $10, but if you want the biggest bang for the buck, go with the whole $25 package.


Yes, it's a good racer!

Scott Stein/CNET

Fast RMX

The only racing game on Switch right now is this one, and Fast RMX is, surprisingly, really good. It's like Wipeout and F-Zero had a hover-racing baby. The 30 included tracks for $20 is a steal, and the super-fast gameplay shows off the Switch graphics well. It can do local split-screen and online multiplayer, too.

Oh, and 1-2 Switch? Pass on that for now, unless you're desperate for novelty or have lots of friends you want to get silly with.