The Outer Worlds Switch ported delayed due to coronavirus

A piece of good news is there will be a physical cart now.

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The Outer Worlds goes portable.

Obsidian Entertainment

The Outer Worlds got a lot of praise when it came out in October and even won some awards. The sci-fi RPG will make the jump to the Nintendo Switch but a little later than expected. 

Developer Obsidian Entertainment said in January The Outer Worlds would release on the Switch in March, but thanks to the coronavirus outbreak in China, the release has been delayed. Private Division, the publisher of the game, tweeted Thursday the team working on the port, Singapore-based Virtuous, is impacted by the coronavirus and needs more time to work on the game.

One change happening due to the delay is the inclusion of a physical cart for retail stores. Previously, the Switch port of The Outer Worlds was to be digital-only with cases including only a card with the download code.

In The Outer Worlds, players take the role of a space colonist who's been abandoned for decades while in hibernation. The Halycon solar system is on the verge of societal breakdown, and it's up to the player to save it. Like in previous Obsidian games, there are many choices made throughout the adventure that can be considered good or evil, each with its own pros and cons.

Originally published Jan. 30.
Update, Feb. 6: Adds details on delay.